"Amchi Tenzin is like my family physician. I pray that she'll continue to help others, just as she did to us".


San Francisco, CA

"Now more and more people are aware of the richness and potentiality of this medical system. As such it is becoming a focal point of interest for westerners like me. Tibetan doctor Tenzin has lots to offer through her compassionate nature".



"I know doctor Tenzin from long time ago. She is truly compassionate, loving and caring to all her patients".


Berkeley, CA

"Me and my husband wished to have a child. I consulted many and tried various means. Finally I heard of Tibetan doctor Tenzin. She helped us with a gift of a loving son. Thanks doc".



"I've been diagnosed as medically fit, but I felt something is not right within? Troubled with sleep disorders, stress and back pain. Luckily a friend of mine told me about  Amchi (doctor) Tenzin and I'm now much better".



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