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(mae-bum) Cupping therapy:
This method of healing is a safe and convenient method to release stress, and to promote proper breathing. Besides it has many other therapeutic values such as a proper circulation of blood and energy.
For many years, this technique has been used in Tibet and the one used most frequently are the bronze cupping because of its especial healing qualities.
Based on the body type and nature of the disease, the physician may use other additional techniques with this cupping therapy.

Tibetan massage

(Ku Nye) Tibetan Massage:
Ku-means to massage or to apply on the body points with the use of various herbal oils. 
Ku Nye also means rubbing and pressing of pressure points and muscles and tendons and application of pressure. Ku Nye is a unique ancient Tibetan healing method. Its benefits includes: releases tight muscle tension, pain from shoulder, neck, hands and back as well as to lessen insomnia, anxiety, depression, trauma, shock, and grief. On the other hand, it increases your energy level, helping to induce better sleep, deeper relaxation and much more.

Heat compression

(Hormay) Heat compression therapy: This method of healing is being used for more than two thousand years back. Its practice reflects the richness, efficacy and the authenticity of Tibetan healing. The combined action of the healing substances enriched with healthy oil serves as an effective mild therapeutic means to harmonize rlung disorders associated with various problems including: stiffness of extremities, vertigo, hallucination palpitation, insomnia, and tinnitus. Homay is the most incisive Tibetan external therapy for treatment of mental and emotional derangement's; it calms the nervous system, creates relaxation from tension and stress. Balances energy, creates deep relaxation of mind and body and is endowed with immediate and long term healing benefits.

Dietary and Lifestyle Guidance

Dietary and Life-style Guidance: Most of the problems are related to improper diet and lifestyle habits. Unless and until you are able to correct your unhealthy diet and lifestyle behaviors, it is most likely that problems tend to grow or in some cases, it comes again and again. Therefore, doctor Tenzin also recommends in correcting your dietary and life style habits prior to which she'll make careful observation of your physical constituents through pulse reading, asking related questions and with the use of other methods of analysis based on her lifelong healing experiences with many clients.

Sound Healing

Tibetan sound healing with Bowls: According to the Tibetan tradition, Tibetan sound bowls are made of seven metals, one metal for each particular planet. These metals produce individual harmonic sounds, creating powerful harmonic frequencies which are absorbed by the body. These soothing frequencies speed quickly through the body to help reduce stress, alter consciousness and create a deeper sense of peace and relaxation. It also stimulates the body to rediscover its own harmonic frequencies, to feel positive shifts and changes in our body, emotions and mind.  When our mind becomes more clear and open, we enter into another calm level of consciousness. At a number of times, sound healing has shown to be a vital part of the healing process for cancer patients by reducing stress and aiding in pain management. Furthermore, it helps to relief pain, relief stress, helps depression, anxiety, improved memory, improved concentration, gain confidence, proper sleep, balances energy, increase joy shift energy, beautiful thoughts, mindful healing and regain inner mental peace.

Chakra energy work

“Chakra” energy work with crystal stones is one of the subtlest methods of healing. Chakras are important energy centers in the body that can be activated and harmonized using certain techniques.  It improves the flow of energies in our body and assists to recognize sicknesses and problems that arise from energy blockage and find ways to minimize such problems. Activation of the chakra is simple, yet astonishing for healing body, mind and spirit. The body work of the chakras will improve your physical health. Its positive effects include stimulation of the metabolism, detoxification, strengthening of the immune system by infusing cells and organs with healing energy. Over time, Chakra work can help resolve psychological afflictions such as anxiety, stress, and depression. Thus, within a short period, it helps clients to feel the experience of a renewed sense of serenity, calmness, and inner peace. Besides Chakra work leads to spiritual harmony as well. With steady practice, negative attitude toward life is replaced by positive thinking, improved concentration, sharpened memory. Furthermore, it helps clarity of mind, recognition of one’s true purpose in life and above all, seeing what is really important.

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